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Cast Basalt Tile Characteristics

High Compression Strength

High Abrasion Resistance

Chemical Resistance


Frost resistant

High Durability

Ecological and hygienic compatibility

Unique appearance not found in any other tile material

Installation Examples

Show Room

Seattle Install

WV Install

Kentucky Install

Pittsburgh Install

Brazilian Tile

Frequently Asked Question

1. How does Basalt tile compare to other flooring for durability and cost? 

Basalt tile is unmatched in durability and long-term cost savings. In studies conducted by independent laboratories, basalt tile proved to be far more durable and to have less long-term cost of any material tested including vinyl, carpet, and wood.

2. Isnít Basalt tile slippery? 

It has been said that Basalt tile is slippery. Tile is about as slippery as vinyl or wood. Naturally, if the floor gets wet, any of these hard surfaced materials will become slippery. There are tiles that are slip resistant, but keep in mind ,that the more abrasive the surface is, the more difficult it will be to maintain. You might consider using a mat in the wet areas.

3. Can you wax Basalt tiles? 

Basalt tiles never need waxed, but if you prefer shine that is greater than normal it can be waxed or polished polyurethane.

4. What warranties do you carry on your Basalt?

See product page for warranties.

5. What is a sub-floor? And why do I need one? 

A sub-floor is needed for structural stability when installing a basalt floor.

6. If I put Basalt tile in a small area should I use small tiles? 

It is a misconception that you should use a small tile for a small area. Larger tile will make your room more elegant and give a more open, less busy effect.

7. Will Basalt crack easy?

Properly installed Basalt tile is a permanent flooring solution. Of course, under extreme conditions, it is possible to crack a tile, but itís not common. No floor covering is sledgehammer proof.

8. Weíve heard that Basalt is very cold, is that correct? 

Most people assume this, but it is not true. Basalt tile is a dense, thermal product that absorbs both heat and cold. A Basalt floor is only a cold as the room temperature. It is warm in winter and cold in summer months. 

9. How do you clean Basalt tile? 

Tile should be maintained on a regular basis to prevent build-up of soil, grease residue, soap detergents, etc., to maintain a clean surface and lessen slippery conditions. First, the tile should be cleaned with clear water and/or a neutral liquid cleaner (soap less). Follow with a clear water rinse and wipe dry to prevent film formation. Generally, tile has to be washed less frequently than other surfaces that receive similar amounts of traffic and soiling.


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